Making a Multi-Boot Drive

Introduction to Multi-Boot Drives A multi-boot drive is a device containing multiple image files [mostly ISOs] which could be used for installing a new OS such as distro of Linux [Ubuntu/Debian/Arch], recovering/restoring corrupted data from the existing OS or for carrying out hardware checkups. This can be done through multiple software available online for instance MultiBootUSB and YUMI(Your Universal Multiboot Loader) , but the most easy & intuitive to use a software called Ventoy which’s not only open-source but also highly customizable just like our services at Cyber Efficient. What’s Ventoy? Ventoy is an Open-Source Software which helps in making making multi-boot USBs with all types of files ranging from ISOs to EFIs files, it helps you create bootable drives with multiple images [700+ tested images] without formatting the disk. It makes creating boot drives as easy as copying & pasting image files. You can add as many files you want the only limit being the